POLi Casinos NZ

POLi is a trusted internet payment system based in Australia and operates in both Australia and New Zealand. It allows using your internet banking to safely and securely pay for services online without the need for credit or debit cards. POLi casinos are on the rise because players don’t need to share their personal information with casino, but rather with POLi. But choosing the best casino is tough, right? Well fear not, we did the hard work for you and researched the POLi NZ payment gambling sites in New Zealand and Australia. So, before you decide you’ll have all the facts on online payment systems and their benefits. You can see what works best for you. Check out our list of the best gambling sites that accept POLi below and our guide to this payment method.

flagBest POLi Casinos in 2020:

CasinoBonusPlayRatingFeaturesPayment Methods
1 NZ$1600 Play Now
2 $1000 Play Now
3 NZ$750 Play Now
4 $700 Play Now
5 $800 Play Now
6 NZ$200 Play Now
7 $600 Play Now
8 $1500 Play Now
9 NZ$1200 Play Now
10 $300 Play Now

POLi Payment Casino: Pros and Cons

Everyone wants to be safe online, that’s a given. When it comes to online gambling, safety is even more important. There are lots of dodgy sites out there, and the risk of fraud is always a factor when paying for anything online. But that’s where we felt POLi helped. It’s a middleman for people who don’t want to share their bank details with third parties. It protects transactions and saves you having to worry about your private information being stolen.
And if you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can still gamble with any casino POLi partners because all you need is an internet bank account. Your details never have to be shared with casino or any other online service. Some other useful benefits include:

  • It’s easy to use. There isn’t even a setup process. You just choose POLi at checkout and enter your details to the system when you get to the payments section of both desktop and mobile casinos that accept POLi. That’s it!
  • It’s totally free, and customers don’t get charged for any transaction they make.
  • Security. We’ve mentioned it before, but all details are completely secure
  • Connects to E-wallets: money can be moved from POLi to e-wallets, so again, bank details can be kept safe

But, with any good service, there, of course, will be some drawbacks. The main ones we noticed were:

  • Limited availability. It’s only available for residents of New Zealand and Australia.
  • Banks that support POLi. It’s only affiliated with a selection of banks, so it is worth checking this before starting to play any desktop or mobile casino games.
  • Casino winnings can’t be withdrawn. Unfortunately, any winnings from casino play cannot be withdrawn to POLi, so you’ll need an alternative method for this.

Generally, the pros outweigh the cons in our opinion, but if your bank isn’t supported, then it might be worth looking into some other options for your deposits, and withdrawals. For example, you can use such alternatives as Neteller or PaySafeCard casino.

How to Make a POLi Deposit?

Depositing to any casino isn’t rocket science when it comes to online casinos with POLi. It’s probably one of the most comfortable payment systems out there right now. To make a deposit to your preferred casino account that accepts POLi payments all you need to do:
1. Click POLi payment as an option on the casino site, you will then be taken to the POLi online portal.
2. Enter the amount you want to deposit to your casino. This safely takes you to your internet banking page.
3. Check fund available in your account – sounds logical but nobody wants to be in debt.
4. Login to your banking page – once you have logged in and made a payment you’ll get a receipt and be taken back to your online casino.
5. Check your casino account – funds will instantly be visible in your casino account, and there are no fees attached to the transaction, and et voila, happy betting!
When anyone selects POLi, card details are never stored on the casino website or the POLi website. The straightforward process means you can quickly and easily start gambling on your favourite website, with added security in a couple of minutes. What’s not to love about that?

How to Withdraw Money?

POLi is ideal for quick transactions, but when it comes to withdrawing money, the process can be a bit trickier. It is possible to take money out this way, and some casinos do have POLi withdrawal options. But it requires more sign-up processes can be that time consuming, and you get charged a small fee (0.9% of each transaction and $0.30). If you’ve won money and want to withdraw it, then we would recommend using an e-Wallet, like PayPal or Skrill. If these don’t appeal to you simply use your bank account to withdraw winnings. This will be far easier and much less tedious.