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One of the main ingredients on account of which people shift their interest towards the online part of the gambling market is the fact that the online venues have the capacity to award promotions in a way that seems impractical, to say the least, for land-based casinos. These casino promotions mixed with the accessibility trait which governs by default the online casinos make for an unbeatable offer. All talks about bonuses NZ, underline the increased importance that this subject has in determining which casino to choose for playing at. For instance, the existence of casino bonuses in New Zealand, scores even higher than security measures in players’ rankings, according to several studies.

On this matter, let’s immerse even further in the subject, discovering what lies behind the online casino bonuses, the benefits they string along, the various types available and how they impact the gambling strategies.

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What Are Casino Bonuses?

The concept of casino bonuses has appeared in the online market back when the newly emerging gambling sites were keen on finding innovative ways to attract New Zealand players to their newly developed businesses. It was a real struggle, in the beginning, to convince betting enthusiasts to start gambling at these online platforms, which lacked appropriate regulations and security measures. Even more complicated was making players trust online casinos as the solid Internet-based market we currently know and take for granted was only at its beginning and scammers were still roaming undeterred.

The gambling software operators of the time, brave, or visionary enough, to plunge into this unknown territory, have come up with the idea to create additional reasons for gamblers to risk joining their venture. Thus, the bonuses NZ has been based on the basic desire of gamblers to win more real money, on top of the already innate characteristic of gamblers being prone to riskier actions.

In the meantime, the gambling market has evolved in a manner and following a progression hard to replicate in most other industries. For instance, nowadays, the top operators offer mobile casinos as a mandatory and normal part of their daily activity, when no more than a decade ago, the concept hadn’t been even thought of yet. Following this trend, gambling software operators are competing for being acknowledged as the best bonus casino, in order to take advantage of such a renowned for increasing their customer base.

The definition of casino bonuses can be: exclusive offers handed out by online casinos to their players, aiding them in receiving additional winnings. They have the declared purpose of rewarding new players for joining their casino and older customers for remaining loyal to the brand.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Continuing an already settled tradition, all top online casinos are searching for new ways to get under the gamblers’ eyes and instigate their interest in trying their gambling services. The patented way that casino software operators know how to accomplish this is by permanently innovating different types of bonuses, always trying to keep one pace in front of competitors. The main types of bonuses which have peaked gamblers’ interest so far are presented in detail, as follows.

Welcome Bonus

This is, by far, the highest casino bonus in terms of the additional value it brings along, as well as regarding the potential it has to attract new players to the specific casino which offers a top deal. In simpler terms, the welcome bonus is the best new player casino bonus handed out to those enlisting for the first time at the specified online venue. This clearly classifies as a bonus designed solely to attract new business and new paying customers. For this to happen, the casinos are willing to reach deeper into their pockets and give out more valuable promotions than usually. This happens as, regardless of the venue’s strategy, all operators need regular fresh customers, in order to keep the business going.

The welcome bonus usually consists of a deposit match bonus, meaning that the casino offers additional amounts to use for wagering, in different percentages, but always depending on the amount originally deposited by the player. The best casino sign up bonus comes in the shape of a welcoming package, the matching deposit being joined by free spins, or no deposit bonuses, as we’ll see next. There are also those who hand out reload bonuses for the first couple of deposits. Usually, this goes out for up to 5 consecutive deposits.

Free Spins Bonus

One of the most interesting types of promotions that casinos make good use of and gamblers enjoy consists of awarding free spins. It’s a casino bonus online found mainly where slot machines are concerned, but they can be adapted for some table games, roulette, for example. The free spins come in the shape of a pre-established, fixed amount per round of play, which is awarded by the casino for the usage of gamblers.

The game that the free spin has been used at continues the same as usual. The bet is set and the gameplay goes on without any difference to a regular spin. The winnings happen the same as usual, the bonus rounds are also identical to any other time the game is played. However, there is an important distinction: the game is played, the winnings happen and the player gets into possession of these winnings, but not a single cent of the gambler’s own money has been at the risk of being lost, as any gambling game would presume to happen. And this is the most attractive feature that this type of bonus contains.

The free spins aren’t usually related to a certain deposit amount, but they often find being awarded in a package alongside deposit matching bonuses, as is the case of some welcome bonuses. Whenever they appear as standalone options, the free spins are used to give a small boost to the game selection, drawing attention on specific titles which don’t perform well enough, or are new in the casino’s offer and need promoting.

No Deposit Bonus

Many long-time gamblers have the opinion that these are the best online casino bonuses that can be awarded to players. Similar to the free spins version, the no deposit bonus is founded on the premise that gamblers are keen on taking advantage of a free awarded amount of money, using it to gamble, according to the specifications accompanying the bonus, and keeping the winnings when they happen.

The no deposit bonus is pretty self-explanatory, consisting of a small amount of money that the virtual casino account is charged with, the moment after the bonus has been claimed. This amount isn’t dependable on any other amount of money to be deposited on the casino’s account. The awarded sum is usually set at an average value somewhere between 5 and 20 dollars. It’s not something to appeal very much to high-rollers, but not even they won’t refuse the opportunity to win some money, no matter how small the amount, without putting anything at risk.

The way some casinos go about this is through issuing some casino bonus codes, which players can find either on the casino’s official website or on some of the partner websites promoting the casino. The workflow is rather simple: get the bonus codes, enter them in the website’s section pertaining to the no deposit bonus and claim the additional amount to gamble with.

Deposit Match Bonus

This sort of promo is still considered the best deposit bonus, ranked by the value it brings to players. The largest additional amounts in terms of value are awarded by this very kind of bonus. The way this works is as follows:

  • The gambler claims the deposit match bonus.
  • This is represented as a percentage of the deposited amount. The most common percentages are of 100, 150, or 200 percent, but they can be set, according to the casino operator’s strategy, anywhere between 25% and 500%.
  • There is also a capped value, over which the deposit is not matched any longer. This can also be set anywhere the operator wishes, based on its calculus, statistics and approximations. The usual limit is somewhere between 100 and 250 dollars, but there are plenty of casinos to exceed these numbers.
  • There are some casinos that pride themselves in offering amounts exceeding 1000 dollars. These amounts are divided into several consecutive deposits, usually up to 5, as part of a bonus package.
  • The user deposits the desired amount considering all the limitations mentioned above and after going through the terms and conditions of the bonus.
  • The gambler’s account is credited with the bonus amount and is free to start wagering.

VIP & High Roller Bonus

It’s important for online casinos with bonuses of great value awarded as welcoming prizes, to not forget and leave out the older customers, as to not let them feel neglected. Some sort of loyalty program should be instated, especially to let the players, which are known to roll important amounts, feel they are significant for the casino they play at. Among the casino bonuses NZ, this has the most freedom to take any shape that the operator of the casino desires to give, from simple free spins and cashback options to city breaks and vehicles.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Promotions

Somehow summarizing all the above-mentioned promotions, casino sites keep up the excitement of playing their offered casino games well after the hype of the welcoming bonus has long been gone. There are periodical promotions to keep the players interested, casinos opting for daily, weekly or monthly recurrences, depending on the strategy instated.

The most common of these are the weekly promotions, with online casino deals usually taking a funny name for the day they occur in. For instance, Lazy Sunday, Friday Party, or Crazy Tuesday, just to make them stick better in the player’s mind. The bonuses consist of awarding free spins for certain slots, cashback percentages, reload bonuses, matching deposits and any other sort of fast and easy to use bonuses.

How To Pick The Best Casino Welcome Offers?

There are several aspects to take into consideration when searching for the sign-up bonus which brings along the best results for you, as we might find out in what follows:

  • The welcome bonus is the best deposit bonus casino offers, as it has the most valuable amount handed out to players, in the attempt to convince them in choosing their venue to play at. For most sign-up bonuses to be activated, there is a deposit required, with the promotion consisting of matching this deposit. Also, having the NZD currency as one of the official alternatives for gambling might be a big plus in making a decision.
  • The first word of advice is to search for the best new casino bonuses, as newly launched casinos are trying to make a name for themselves. The main result is that they are going to get aggressive when trying to attract business to their venue, meaning that the welcoming bonuses are bound to be spectacular. However, stay away from those casinos, which make it a bit too aggressive and keep in mind to play responsibly at all times.
  • Check out more than a casino review, like a lot of crucial, although subjective, information could be gained from going through those who’ve already gone through the casino experience and therefore can tell everybody, at first-hand, how the specific casino treats gamblers claiming bonuses and how they position themselves on keeping their promises regarding bonuses. Start with the recommended casinos and make an opinion for yourself before going further.
  • Also, look out for the casinos with a good selection of gaming options, coming from multiple slot providers. It would be a waste of an opportunity to receive an impressive welcome bonus, only to find out that there aren’t that many games you’d like to use that extra amount at. For instance, not having Microgaming as a provider would mean no access to some of the best progressive jackpots in the world.
  • Last thing before limiting your options to a specific casino, be aware that some of the accepted payment methods are excluded from receiving welcome bonuses. Usually, it’s the e-wallets payments that suffer these restrictions, but a thorough read of the terms, can’t hurt.

Online Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

Any Internet casino bonus needs to have a set of clear rules that players need to respect, in order for things to go smoothly on both ends of the bargain. These are what is known as the terms and conditions.

The first aspect they regulate is privacy policy. In order to receive any of the casino’s bonuses, players first need to enlist, meaning they need to hand over access to some mandatory personal and financial information, which they need to make sure are properly secured.

The wagering requirements are some of the most important issues that gamblers face when claiming casino bonuses. These set the amounts that have to be wagered in order to receive the amounts listed as bonuses, along with their related winnings. Usually, slots are the games that matter the most for completing these requirements, but table games count, although in a much smaller proportion.

The terms and conditions also set in place some restrictions, some pertaining to responsible gaming, others to the casino’s own strategy. For instance, there is a mandatory minimum deposit, which each casino sets according to its own calculus, aimed at covering transaction fees and other maintenance costs.

There is also the issue of what methods to use in order to withdraw the bonus and here, the most pressing matter that players are confronted with is the time of the cash outs. Some options work instantly, while others can take up to 7 days to finalize. The withdrawal limits are another issue to take care of, seeing how most casinos impose a boundary for the cash outs done in a day, a month, or regarding bonus winnings. A full read of the terms is recommended, making sure to see if any additional requirements are stipulated, before claiming any bonus.

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Taking everything said before into consideration, we can presume that there are plenty of casino bonuses in New Zealand to please everyone. Where online gambling is concerned, the only way to get that casino bonus work in your favour, helping to win riches, is by enlisting the casino, claiming the awarded bonuses and profiting of the vast selection of games to find the perfect one to make you wealthy. As experience has it, using the casino bonuses lets gamblers play other alternatives than just jackpot games to win large amounts.

As a final thought, we’ve seen that simply fighting to find the biggest casino bonus available on the gambling market doesn’t quite cut it, as there are many more aspects to cover before a wise and fully informed decision can be taken.