Online Roulette NZ

Some casino games are more popular than others due to various factors: the history, the way it’s played, the stakes one can make, and, of course, the probability of winning big. The casino roulette is, undoubtedly, one of the major games to attract both off and online players due to those reasons. Playing roulette online NZ, however, is not an easy thing to start because of the volume of casinos to offer it. How do you whom to trust? Check the houses that were tested and approved by professional players and gaming experts. Wonder where to find those? Congrats here, as this page is precisely about the quality gambling experience, the list of casinos that worth your attention when searching for casino roulette games, gambling tricks and much more. So let’s start with the main question.

flagBest NZ Casinos with Online Roulette:

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5 NZ$1200 Play Now

Where to Play Roulette Online for Money?

It’s naturally that you want to find the best online roulette site when you set your mind to play roulette casino online. As the major game of chance, online roulette has become the most preferable gaming entertainment for digital gamers because a) it gives you that adrenaline rush b) it is an easy way to make some extra cash by doing what you like. So, if living easy, playing free is your motto of the day, we reveal why our recommended online websites are the go-to places.

  • They are safe. We don’t tolerate scams and neither should you. All of the casinos hold valid licenses; they are certified for fairness and provide secure banking transactions due to the top-notch encryption.
  • They are reputable. A casino without a gambler’s review is not where you want to start playing. The market here is tough, and we want your experience to be perfect at a roulette casinos.
  • They offer a wide game selection: Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack online. Some casinos specialise in the roulette games only, but we tend to think you’d like a bit more than that. The listed houses are powered by the leading gaming software providers like Microgaming, Netent, Betsoft, etc. so you can take the blind trust in the quality of their products.
  • Bonus system. Free rewards are what makes the casino to draw more gamblers but also what makes their experience sweeter. Honestly, who’d be against those free spins or 20-50% cashback?
  • They have trusted banking options — Skrill, PayPal, Neteller or cards – all to make the deposits and withdrawals easy for you.
  • They are available on mobile devices. Seriously, would you even consider one without it?

As you’ve done choosing, let’s see what you should do first when playing the game for real money.

How to Play Roulette Online for Real Money?

Even though the online casino roulette games are all about chance and luck, there are a few roulette strategies that can improve the quality of your gambling significantly. Below we present what you need to do before going into online gambling for real money.

  • Tip #1: Learn before you win

If you’ve never played online roulette NZ and want to go for real money straight away, we’d suggest you hold your ambitions a bit because most likely you’ll end up losing every round and all the NZD you’ve worked so hard. The good thing about online roulette gambling is that it offers free spins without even registering at the casino. So if you don’t want to burn your money in vain, learn about the game first, understand the strategy, the probability statistics, the differences in variations and try it yourself free of charge. It’s only then you can sign up for the casino.

  • Tip #2: Choose your variation

Usually, the online roulette comes in European, American, and French variations, with the French one being somewhat exotic on many websites. What’s the difference? While European and French have 37 pockets where the ball can land, the American one has 38, which increases the house edge. Also, playing French games requires one to know La Partage and En Prison rules.

  • Tip #3: Use the strategy

If you need Intro to Roulette 101, here it is:

  • You can place your bets on a single number or a group, mix-and-matching them (black/red, odd/even)
  • Do it within the indicated time
  • Odds tend to have more percentage of winnings, though they are less on the table
  • Be ready to face different board variations
  • Place smaller bets on many numbers rather putting a huge stake on one

Last but not least, a few don’ts:

  • Never play under the influence (of alcohol, medicine, other people).
  • Never bet beyond your available money.

As you’re ready with e few tips on how to win, let’s see where you can put them to work.

Best Online Roulette Games for Money

The online roulette casino game comes in various forms and shapes. One can play a video or live dealer roulette, 3D or Multiwheel, Premium, European, French or American. This section will explain the differences and perks of playing at the roulette wheel online.


By far, the oldest variation of the game that has 37 pockets and can have the En Prison rule which means that if the ball gets on 0, your bet will automatically be saved for the next round so you won’t lose the money. This game has a lower house edge compared to the other variations and hence – better odds. What else? You can find this in the video or live dealer version.


Many gamblers choose to play American roulette for fun at first before proceeding to put the real-money stakes. And it does make sense: because it has 38 pockets, no En Prison or La Partage rule functioning, it may seem like it is a game where the casino always wins. The other difference is that it has a single and double zero pockets and the number order goes in a different way. The round takes 11 bets: 6 inside, five outside, which is 1 round more than in the European.


This one is similar to the European one: it has 37 pockets and En Prison rules. The differences are that the table is labelled in French, it has a racetrack for the call bets, and La Partage rule (same as En Prison, but it works for odd numbers only). Amongst the variations, this is the most gambler-friendly.


This is the game (usually European) presented with the exclusive graphic solutions that give the gamer a superior, true-to-life experience.

Live Dealer Roulette

Contrary to video roulette, the games with a real person spinning the wheel give the utmost atmosphere of land-based houses wherever you are. You can interact with the croupier, see the stats, replay the video in case you think it should be reviewed, and see the dealer’s actions from various angles.


Just as the word implies: it provides you with the business class of online gambling including graphics, bonuses, multiplayer or private rooms, VIP rewards and many more.

Multi Wheel

Any variation you want but on up to 6 tables. The gambler has a higher chance to win the combination because the odds increased by six times.

Online Roulette Bonuses

The roulette bets and payouts are usually accompanied by the various bonuses the house offers its gamblers. These are the most common.

  • Free demo versions. Many websites share the free bite of the game for you to see what awaits you after the sign-up procedure
  • First deposit bonus. Each casino establishes the limits for it, so to qualify, you have to deposit a particular amount of money and play within the given timeframe.
  • Free spins. You can earn these while playing the demo version! Note that some require the promo code.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly promos. Sign up for the news from the casino to stay alert
  • VIP Club Membership. Roulette loyalty is highly valued by the houses, that’s why they offer a bit more to those who are faithful to the game.

Useful Online Roulette Tips

After talking to the professional players, we decided to put a list of useful tips for the newcomers to the roulette game online. Here’s what they’ve told us.

  • Play within your limits. It’s not a casino, nor your bank or friends or whoever – you alone are responsible for the financial side of the game, and it is paramount that you set the spending limits on your own.
  • Mix the bets. Place both inside and outside bets: where you might lose in the amount you might win in getting a higher chance to get even payout.
  • Watch the statistics. Even though the roulette is a game of chance, it’s rare that it goes by a sinusoid trajectory. If you see the number tend to fall within the particular sector, the chances are that the dealer throws the ball under the same angle so you can predict where it’ll land.
  • Don’t stick with one number throughout the game. This way, you’ll end up losing the money for a famous gambler’s fallacy. This is why you should pay attention to the game statistics and probability.

Best Roulettes Casino

While we offer only the most reputable and trustworthy casinos, some of those are even better when it comes to the choice of roulette games. These few are the must if you want to find the best place to stick with for a while and if you are looking for fast payout online casino.

  • Jackpot City. It’s claimed to have the best bonus offers for the roulette players. After all, with 20+ years of experience, they better know how to mesmerise the users.
  • Spin Palace. The progressive jackpot for roulette games is a novelty in the casino world, and this is the place where you can win it. Plus, the variety of games will blow your mind.
  • Ruby Fortune. WIth many demo versions available, this casino will attract visitors by offering many test drives of the games. Its specialty though is multi-wheel games so if you want to win bigger, that’s the place to stop by.
  • Royal Vegas. It’s royal for the reason as it has the most diverse payment options, has a lot of live dealer roulette games, and offers up to $1200 of a welcome bonus.

What is the Best Roulette Online Casino?

If you are reading this, it means you know everything you should to pick the best online roulette for real money and also have the list of creme de la creme to save your time. So to sum up, what is the best option for you? The house that is fair at play, generous in bonuses, rich in variety and number of payment options, available on mobile devices and known for the quality graphics. We are proud to say that all the casinos on our list can be described like this. Now, why don’t you check it yourself and claim that jackpot to be yours?