Online Poker For Real Money in New Zealand

There are many online casino games the NZ gamblers play for fun as they are the most mobile, versatile and enjoyable pastime activity of the present. But what if fun can be converted into real money? This is where poker websites for real money kick in and become the favourite casino game online. Why? Because this is a game that requires knowledge, comes in many variations, rewards with lavish bonuses and can be played with live dealers who are gambler-oriented and responsive. We’ve collected the must-know information for those who want to try in real money online poker NZ.

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How to Play Poker Online?

The rule of a thumb is that you don’t want to play any game for the real money unless you are very good at it or just want to tick the item in the bucket list. In New Zealand poker is a very popular game, on and offline, so the chances are that you start playing cash games with a solid knowledge base. When it comes to playing at poker casino online, the second thing to do is to find reputable, trusted websites that offer real money payout. How do you find good poker sites amongst out there on the web?

Option 1: You Search Yourself.

That means you check the license information, legal operation, proofs of related certification, gaming software developer’s library, OS compatibility, banking options, T&C, bonus features, rewards and many other things you wouldn’t have been bothered with, have you chosen the Option 2.

Option 2: Delegate it to the Ultimate Online Poker Reviews.

Concise, fluff- and ad-free information about Poker, Blackjack, Roulette online websites delivered first-hand to your screen from our expert team. We rate the casinos taking many factors into account: how safe are the transactions, gamblers’ feedback, game library, bonus system, interface usability, and compatibility.

As you chose the one to roll with, it’s time to decide what game will bring you the juiciest bonus back and rewards for playing. The games below are the most widespread variations of poker one can find at the online casino for real money.

What are the Most Played Poker Online Games?

Since its development that’s dated back to the 19th century, poker has got many variants of how it can be played, and with the rise of technology and the ever-growing popularity of online casinos, it obtained a few more. The most popular online poker games where you can win real money have a few things to consider before taking the round.

By the type of dealing the cards

The major difference is the ownership of the given cards. The community card games like Hold’em and Omaha, the part of the cards belongs to the playing group (except two hole cards), whereas in Stud games each player is dealt with personally.

  • Texas Hold Em. Played with mandatory two blind bets taken by each player, the game aims to build the best 5-card hand using the no-show and communal cards. The number of gamblers usually varies from 2 to 10, with eight being the most common for video poker online.
  • The variation of the Texas Hold Em, Omaha requires the players to build a hand from 2 of 4 no-show cards and three community cards.
  • 7-card Stud. Ante-bets game where the player is given four hole cards and three show cards to make a 5-card hand. The feature of this variation is that the bets are placed with fixed limits.

By the type of presentation

Online poker and online live dealer poker are not the same things. Here comes the difference.

  • Live dealer poker rooms online. When you play for real money in the room with live dealers, you have more of the brick and mortar casino experience. Usually, the interface is divided into several sections, where you have the gambler’s console with the statistics and player’s info, chat window for interaction with the live dealer, and cameras that fix what’s happening at the table.
  • Video Poker. This is an automatically generated game where the cards are handed using the RNG technology. The user will see the game interface and the table info only. While the live dealer poker is about streaming and can’t be set up on the desktop, one can find online poker no download and download versions.

Best Online Poker Bonuses

As the competition at the online gaming field is growing tremendously, the real money casinos compete fiercely for every gambler. This is great news for the player because they can choose the website with the best bonus options to rise their initial bankroll without depositing much. These bonuses are found at most NZ casinos.

Welcome Bonus

One can find a deposit and no deposit welcome bonus when registering at nearly every casino out there. What we suggest is to read carefully the conditions of how and when one can qualify to add the free perk to one’s account. Pay attention that no-deposit welcome bonuses won’t be available for cash out in most casinos.

Particular Deposit Method

Some real money poker casinos sometimes promote the definitive payment option by giving free bets or cashback for its users. Stay alert to the opportunity to get more for less by subscribing to the newsletter from the casino. As they say, information worths more than money.

Weekly and Monthly Deals

Here you can come across Lightspeed Monday like in Genesis Casino or Friday Reload like in Play Amo, the specific promos valid during certain days only. If you want to build your strategy outside the poker table too, don’t miss making the deposits then.

High Roller Bonus

This can bring +50% of your deposit in bonus cash that can be used for poker or other games casino-wide. If you intend to play big, choose the casino that truly appreciates it. With free money, of course.


So there you have it: to-the-point information on where to begin if you want to try and make money gambling online. The most important thing is to find the casino to play online poker New Zealand  and make the most use out of it. The good news is you can skip the searching part as we’ve done the routine for you. What’s left for you? To check out the most trusted poker online sites, get ready to roll high, and convert the virtual game into real win!