Online Casinos NZ

Online casinos in New Zealand are currently on the rise, thanks to the exceptional interest from the side of the NZ gamblers. As the industry matures, countless online gambling platforms appear, which definitely do their best to compete for the hearts of New Zealanders.

If you were struck by the need to make a choice among all those never-ending online casino NZ platforms, we are here for you to shed light on everything you are interested in about gambling. Since we are experts in the field of gambling in New Zealand, we have conducted manual tests of the online casinos and pokie machines in order to present a comprehensive guide to online casinos just for you.

In case you are up into starting your gambling steps in New Zealand positively, it might be eye-opening for you to read our featured recension to the end. Stay tuned!

flagBest Casino Websites NZ

CasinoBonusPlayRatingFeaturesPayment Methods
1 25 Free Spins Play Now
2 $1000 Play Now
3 NZ$1600 Play Now
4 NZ$750 Play Now
5 $800 Play Now
6 $600 Play Now
7 $800 Play Now
8 $700 Play Now
9 NZ$1200 Play Now
10 NZ$200 Play Now

How to Choose Best New Zealand Online Casino?

Throughout all those years, we spent gambling, writing about gambling, and reviewing online gambling websites in New Zealand, our team always wanted to make experiences related to online casinos to be positive.

All of our team members perfectly know how hard it can be to please New Zealand players, alongside offering the recommendations regarding the top online casino. We did our best to review every single casino that is available to NZ gamblers, eventually gathering data for you to know about.

Because we recommend only the reputable casinos that have a solid reputation on the market, you will not happen to be on the page of any fraudulent or online scam casino. That’s why we review the gambling platforms in New Zealand according to the objective criteria, which are to be reviewed below.

Safe & Secure

First things first, we do our best to track what are the security measures implemented by the online casinos to secure their loyal players. If you are willing to choose a preferred online gambling platform by yourself, don’t forget to pay enough attention to the SSL encryption, background in terms of the data breaches, and even the reviews regarding the best payouts.

Once you ensure that a specific online gambling casino is safe for making a cash-in or filling in your personal information, you will be able to enjoy your beloved online slots without any worries. We all know that casinos in the online domain still have a stigma of being somewhat unsafe or unreliable. Although it can be true for some fake websites, all of our reviewed online casinos have solid SSL encryptions, independent authorizations, and the safety of each specific transaction.

Top New Releases

Who would ever want to gamble in the online casino gambling that has only a few titles available to play? From our own experience, not even a single New Zealander would also want to gamble in the online casino that never updates its game collection.

It is a common fact that various software providers update their portfolios with the latest releases, which are supposed to appear in the online casinos. That’s why the best New Zealand online casinos please their loyal gamblers by featuring the latest releases from the world of gambling.

If you were long wondering how to know whether a casino website updates its collection or no, just take a look at the presence of the specialized section regarding the latest releases. Such games as Lucha Legends, Batman vs. Superman, and Crystal Rift, which were released in 2019, should be in the casinos in NZ that claim themselves to be the leading gaming platforms.

Because variability is the most important determinant for most NZ gamblers, you should check how often a specific online casino updates its list of games in order to have a clear picture of what should you expect in the future. New Zealand casinos online definitely do a good job by continually working on updating their collection of slots, pokie machines, and table games.

Withdrawal rates and casino payouts

Here come the parameters that are often neglected by the ordinary NZ gamblers. Even if you think that withdrawal limits and time needed to process with the payments is something minor, the state of affairs on the gambling market is just the opposite. New Zealand online casinos are on the fierce competition between each other to increase the withdrawal limits, at the same time minimizing the payout timings.

We did just fascinating research by manually testing each casino by using the offered payment methods and found out that almost all of the gambling platforms have similar or just the same payout timings. You should always choose fastest payout online casino. Nevertheless, you should still be careful while making a choice of the preferred online casino, because the withdrawal limits of the online casinos differ. Just review the official rules on the official website of a particular gambling platform before making your first deposit.

Payment methods

For New Zealanders, the choice of the payment method can be tough, especially when there are numerous available options. Being intimidated by such variability, thousands of gamblers are wondering what are the best online casino sites in New Zealand that offer the most variability in terms of executing payments. The most commonly accepted payment methods in the online casinos that operate in NZ are:

  • PaysafeCard
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Keeping in mind that some online casinos can even offer other banking options, you should manually choose the most appropriate gambling platform according to your tastes and preferences. We say that because there are thousands of gamblers who make deposits in an online casino New Zealand just by using their credit card and nothing else.

That’s why you should remember that there is no universal way of handling the digital payments in the NZ online casinos, which helps in deciding what is the most applicable option just for you. If you are wondering what our recommendation regarding the payment methods is, we are the supporters of the bigger, the better approach.

Even though you can use only one payment method for topping up the game balance in the online casino NZD right now, you can change your mind after an online casino introduces some bonuses or perks of using the alternatives. The last point to mention is for you not to forget that the online casino sites in New Zealand should have full-scale support of NZD (NZ dollars) for both the deposits and withdrawals.

Sign Up Bonuses

We can totally understand you when you are so confused with all those welcome bonuses, sign up promotions, and other variations of the online casino real money NZ promotional deals. When it comes to bonuses and promotions, you should look carefully on what are the available deals, especially in terms of the wagering requirements and the reload opportunities.

It is obvious that all the online casino NZ gambling websites have various bonuses, including the welcome ones. Our common recommendation is to look for the combination of the low wagering requirements, accompanied by the 200% or higher first deposit deals. The good news is that almost all of the NZ online casinos also offer a certain amount of free spins, which is definitely a huge bonus for the beginners in online gambling.

Don’t forget to do your best to obtain the most bonuses for the sake of making a fresh start in a particular NZ casino. Nevertheless, be sure to get acquainted with the terms and conditions on the website of the online casino in order to get a clear picture of how the bonuses and promotions work.

Variety and Quality of Online Casino Games

As you are probably aware, the variability and quality of the presented online games is a huge factor in making a final choice regarding the online casino. The selection of NZ casino games seems to be one of the most important factors for the pickiest New Zealanders. That’s why we are about to shed light on the types of games in the online casinos, alongside reviewing their presence in the most reputable and popular online casinos in New Zealand.

Online Roulette

Roulette is often believed to be a must-have for all the gambling sites in New Zealand. This game can be accessed either in a video game or the live dealer game mode, eventually having different variations of this table game. Not only it is enjoyed by thousands of New Zealander, but it also is one of the most iconic table games that are exceptionally popular in the brick and mortar venues. Don’t be too shy to try it because this game of luck and fortune is somewhat a quintessence of modern online gaming.


What a fabulous game Blackjack is! Luckily for New Zealand gamblers, numerous variations of this table game are now accessible in just countless online casinos in New Zealand. This game is highly debated regarding the existence of skill, whereas you are strongly encouraged to try it by yourself. Don’t forget that all the video versions of the online Blackjack are certified by the independent casino reviews and tests, which make it a valid option for trying something other than the pokie machines.

Video Poker

When it comes to the Video Poker, our review team is certain to appraise its countless variations. If you are a top-notch Texas Hold’em enthusiast, it might be a good option to try some Omaha or other variations of poker in any online casino in New Zealand. Video Poker itself is powered by the Random Number Generators, which ensure that each dealt card is randomly configured by the machine. Just try it to feel how good can it be to play Poker without even leaving your home!


Baccarat is another fascinating table game, which is enjoyed by thousands of gamblers in New Zealand. Although the rules of this game can be hard to memorize, its engaging gameplay is capable of making you a big fan of Baccarat after a few sessions. You are also strongly encouraged to try Baccarat in the live casino, which offers a top-notch experience that is unique to this game.

Pokies online

There are literally thousands of the pokie machines available in the online casinos in New Zealand. You can play pokies on three-reel, five-reel, and other types of configurations. What stands out the most while reviewing pokies is that there is huge variability in terms of themes, offered bonuses, and exclusive features. If you are up into trying something new each day, you can easily do that by playing a new pokie machine each day. You are also encouraged to try the slots with progressive jackpots, which offer unique gameplay experience, especially from the perspective of solid returns.

Mobile Casino

If you have long wanted to play all those games online by using just your phone, you are kindly welcome to do that. Casino players in New Zealand now enjoy either the browser versions or the standalone applications of the online casino games. The good news is that either of these options is perfectly configured to the screen, whereas the support of devices is just countless.

You shouldn’t also regret the fact that mobile gambling also features bonus offered, which makes mobile gambling even more pleasant. Regardless of whether you have your phone or tablet, all you need to have to enjoy mobile gambling online NZ is the stable Internet connection and battery life on your device. Although it doesn’t really matter whether you try to access the pokie machines or table games from your browser or the specially designed application, the top-notch gaming experience is guaranteed.

If that’s still not convincing to you, just remember that the presence of mobile support is just the sign that an online casino understands the needs and tastes of its gamblers. It is also a remarkable sign of reliability and reputation of a specific online casino in NZ, especially from the perspective of offering innovative solutions on how to make online gambling even more diverse and comprehensive.