Neteller Casinos in New Zealand

Technology made us seeking for convenience everywhere, and it didn’t leave the gaming experience behind – the casino sites of today do everything possible to make the gambling as smooth and easy as it can be. Introducing Neteller NZ as withdrawal and deposit method was a giant step for some casinos in this direction. But here is the thing: the Neteller account holders find searching for the accepting casino to be a daunting, time-consuming work as all they want to do is start the game right away and the newcomers to this payment method have a little knowledge why they should switch to it. If you are in any of these camps, keep on reading and learning where you can start with Neteller NZ and few reasons to convert to it now. But first, the essentials.

flagBest Neteller Casinos in 2020:

CasinoBonusPlayRatingFeaturesPayment Methods
1 25 Free Spins Play Now
2 $1000 Play Now
3 NZ$1600 Play Now
4 NZ$750 Play Now
5 $800 Play Now
6 $800 Play Now
7 NZ$350 Play Now
8 NZ$1200 Play Now
9 NZ$300 Play Now
10 NZ$200 Play Now

What Neteller really is?

As an e-money transfer service, Neteller has been on the financial market for 20 years. The Paysafe subsidiary, it added a lot to the way people are sending money to each other, paying for services, depositing and withdrawing funds now. Two reasons for that: it’s cost-efficient and takes less time than bank transfer. On top of that, you can move your money to any supporting merchants. How does it work for online gambling?

Step 1) You need to have a gamer account and Neteller account already created to start playing. To start you go to their home page, register with filling the personal information, link your bank account or card number, upload money, and confirm your email. Important! Make sure you remember the login information.

Step 2) After you sign in into the casino account,  choose Neteller at Banking -> Deposit, enter the desired amount of money, confirm the transaction.

Step 3) In a few minutes, your bankroll will be loaded so you can enjoy the games.

Now when you know how to do it, let’s see what it costs.

Neteller Fees

  • For uploading the account via established institution – 2,5%
  • For sending money from Neteller account to whoever – 1,45% ($0.5 min), merchants (including casinos) – 0%
  • For a withdrawal to bank account – 10$, to a merchant site (including casinos) – 0%

Please, make sure you check the casino website T&C to check for the updates and applicable fees if any.

Benefits of Neteller Casinos

Gambling for fun or for real money has many bright sides to consider it among other payment methods. Let’s have a list to view what good it can bring to your table.

  • No doubt, speed in gambling is everything. You have an option to deposit money fast and easy.
  • We go all-in that you wouldn’t fancy your money being stolen. With Neteller transfers, you may rest assured no third party is watching.
  • Support Team 24/7. In case you face any issues occurred during withdrawing, exchanging, depositing or account linking, e-service Customer Support is there for you, day or night via FAQ, phone or email.
  • You won’t get in debt because you can play only with the money on your account.
  • Great on-site exchange. You won’t need to convert your currency elsewhere as you can do it at the Neteller account at a reasonable rate. Moreover, they also deal with the cryptocurrency exchange (for example, BitCoin), which gets the company close to the all-inclusive kind of service.
  • Neteller Casino Deposit Bonuses. Many NZ casinos reward their gamers with free spins or bonus cash when depositing or withdrawing funds. It usually happens on a monthly or weekly basis as a promotion, so we recommend you to check all the bonus offers to not miss a deal.

Neteller Casinos Alternatives

If you found the casino that accepts Neteller money transfers – great! But what if not? Then you have a lot of similar alternative options of payment methods.


A voucher system with the most anonymity that is widely used among casino payment methods. All you need to do is to buy online/in the store the voucher with a certain value, enter the 16-digit code, and continue spinning. Cons: one can’t request a payout with this pre-paid card.


Neteller’s former competitor, now a partner, is another e-wallet to consider. The registration procedure is similar to the one at Neteller, though it doesn’t offer the exchange option and one can’t have the debit card issued.


Casino deposits are also available with Poli service, an Australia-based e-commerce financial company. The transaction cost is the cheapest (capped at $3 b.t.), although it’s not offered at many New Zealand casinos.

Neteller Casino is waiting for you

We are happy to have offered another convenient opportunity for you to start the online gambling adventure. If you want to try gaming the Neteller way, look no further and check out the list of trusted gambling providers and see what bonuses and free perks you can unlock by just starting playing. The only thing left to say is good luck to you and may the jackpot be yours!