Pay by Phone Bill Casino NZ

The trends we follow are also paths towards technological advancements and it’s no wonder that concepts from different areas intertwine and help each other move forward. An example of this has been the online casino pay by phone bill. The concept has appeared as a combination of the love that New Zealand players hold for gambling, the shift the betting domain had towards the online market and a convenient, easily accessible payment method. There are still many other features to be discussed, but the success that the pay by mobile phone casino had is based on the mix between these three factors.

flagBest Pay by Phone Bill Casinos

CasinoBonusPlayRatingFeaturesPayment Methods
1 $800 Play Now
2 $1000 Play Now
3 NZ$1600 Play Now
4 NZ$1200 Play Now
5 $800 Play Now
6 $300 Play Now
7 NZ$200 Play Now
8 $1500 Play Now

How to Play at Best Online Casinos Using Phone Bill?

Our smartphones have literally become a sort of extension of ourselves and we can’t imagine life at this point without them. Concentrating the majority of our daily tasks into a single device is the reality we currently live in. Coming up with a pay by phone casino was only the natural extension to online gambling and mobile casinos.

There are many payment systems, but this seems to be one of the most accessible version and gamblers have embraced it. There are some clear advantages and some less pleasant rules to respect, but the workflow to pay via phone bill casino is pretty straightforward:

  • The first step is similar to any other time a player decides to choose an online venue to bet at: check for licensed ones, test data security measures, take a look at the game selection to find if it suits you, analyze the bonuses, make sure that the option to pay with phone bill is available and enlist. Alternatively, reading the reviews of the casinos from our list of recommendations might save any gambler a lot of effort and time by skipping the previously mentioned steps.
  • Signing up at the chosen online casino is only a couple of minutes long. After enlisting, the payment section allows you to select the option via phone. No additional financial data is needed when depositing using this alternative.
  • Actually, creating the virtual deposit is done by mentioning the exact amount you wish to be charged with and the mobile phone number to use. The top amount allowed depositing through this method is 10 NZD per day.
  • After entering the phone number, a security code, for the confirmation of the transaction, is sent through a text message. Enter the code on the website and the money appears right away in your casino account.

Advantages of Mobile Billing Casino

First, in line, online casino deposit with phone bills must be one of the easiest and least complicated payment method available for this sort of financial transactions. Following the steps of the workflow can be easily done in less than a minute’s time. Something our generations which are always on the run, appreciate tremendously.

Continuing the same train of thoughts, the money involved in the casino pay with phone credit is shown in the casino’s balance immediately. Getting ready to play the second we feel lucky is paramount and now, it’s also possible.

One of the online gamblers’ main concern regards the safety of their personal, and more importantly, of their financial information, which is exposed to vulnerabilities by most deposit methods. The fact remains that the Internet is full of frauds and it takes just a bit of carelessness to end up in an unpleasant situation. The mobile casino pay by phone bill offers the same service as all other payment methods but takes away the risk that third parties might enter into possession of any confidential data. This can happen because the only significant data shared with the casino operator, in order to complete the transfer of money, is the mobile phone number. And this is only used to receive text messages of confirmation and isn’t shared with other parties not involved in the process.

The accessibility trait is clear as daylight. The fact that we can use the same mobile device to play online casino games and to instantly fuel our virtual account in order to place the necessary bets is also a sought after feature.

Also, the innate limit set by the payment method itself, of no more than 10 NZD paid daily, works as a budget controller. It’s especially useful to those who are aware of their gambling impulses that constantly drive them over budget.

Mobile Casino Games You Can Pay by Phone Bill

In the matter of gaming selection pertaining to this particular method, there aren’t any restrictions on the casino games to be played. There actually is a large array of titles to choose from:

  • The first option for most casinos is the slots machines. There are many important software operators who have taken to developing mobile slots pay by phone bill. They represent the largest number of titles in the game selection, offering a wide variety of pastime options to gamblers. Also, the usual bonuses for slots are available here, as well, regardless if they’re free spins, no deposit bonuses, or matching deposits.
  • The second most frequently referred to the type of casino pastimes, available when using the pay via phone option, are the table games. Among these, the roulette, in all its versions, American, European, or French, is on top of gamblers’ wish list. The same can be said about the games of blackjack.
  • A sort of surprise choice for gamblers from New Zealand is the bingo game. It’s a popular game, but not all casinos have it, so be sure to look for its existence.

 Online Casino Mobile Payment Options

The mobile casino deposit by phone bill that we’ve talked about so far is not the only way to transfer money to the virtual account opened when enlisting on the online casino of choice. There are at least two more payment options for New Zealand gamblers that involve the use of mobile phones. The downside is that all these options are dependent on using NZ mobile operators. But leaving this minor, but understandable, shortcoming aside, the alternatives to online casino mobile payment are:

  • Boku, which connects the chosen mobile operator to the specific platform which aids gamblers in depositing the desired amount and be charged on the phone.
  • Similar in more than one way to this, Payforit is another option preferred by gamblers who are keen to the usage of mobile payments. It mainly has the same functionalities, with a website that operates as a distinct platform, where players are redirected to complete the money transaction when choosing it as a payment option.