Best Live Casinos in New Zealand

Casino gaming in New Zealand is represented by 6 land-based venues, including the largest and most famous, Sky City Auckland. However, these establishments seem to not be enough for local gamblers. For those unwilling to travel to any of the above-mentioned places, there is the solution of NZ live casinos. The live dealer casinos ensure an answer for players wanting to wager real money and feel a similar gambling experience, without entering any of the land-based casinos available.

We’ll walk together through the specifics that this sort of gambling has. There are some downsides, as for instance, the live casino games’ selection is less bidding than the standard offer. But the advantages prevail. We’ll see how the top live casinos have more to offer than just the accessibility trait and that there is more than meets the eyes in their cases.

flagBest Live Casino Sites NZ

CasinoBonusPlayRatingFeaturesPayment Methods
1 $1000 Play Now
2 NZ$750 Play Now
3 NZ$1600 Play Now
4 $800 Play Now
5 NZ$200 Play Now
6 $700 Play Now
7 $600 Play Now
8 $800 Play Now
9 $1500 Play Now
10 NZ$300 Play Now

How To Choose the Best Live Casino?

Considering an optimal ratio between time-management and gathering know-how, online reviews become the best option available for finding the best online live casino NZ. Nothing beats experiencing for yourself each casino and its offers, but it’s a major time-consuming action.

We’ve researched numerous Internet-based venues and their corresponding critiques and have found some aspects that all casino reviews have in common, being the focus of their analysis:

  • Safety and security come first. This is the main concern regarding casino websites. Being licensed in multiple jurisdictions is always a plus. Having the approval to the function of internationally-recognized authorities, such as UK, Malta, Curacao, brings additional insurances that things run smoothly.
  • Game variety. The range of games that is suitable for live streaming is modest, being reduced to table games alone. Thus, it’s important to find the operator, which puts at players’ disposal a varied selection of games.
  • All games online require good Internet signal and that’s on the player’s part. But having HD access, a quality graphic to leave the impression that you’re actually in front of a gambling table is what live streaming is about.
  • Wagering limits, too high, or not high enough. Table games, as blackjack and roulette have a betting range, usually between 5 and 100 dollars. Make sure there aren’t any limitations to restrict your gaming style.
  • It’s a custom habit for top online casinos to offer promotions to attract players to a certain type of gambling.
  • Device compatibility. A key point when playing live casino is benefiting of numerous options, which assure increased accessibility, mobile apps being a must these days.
  • Demo options for free. Testing your skills, but also the streaming or the quality of graphics is the first step before engaging in real money casinos.
  • Payment methods. To play for real money gives quite the adrenaline rush, but it’s equally important to be able getting those winnings out of the casino’s virtual account by various methods.
  • Customer support. Live dealer casino games are prone to incidents as there are a couple of things that could go wrong, from malfunctioning hardware to streaming lag. That’s why it’s important to have a 24 hours customer support service.

Popular Live Casino Games

It’s a proven fact that the world we live in is a technology-dominated world. The expansion of technology is due to the fact that it offers us options. An aspect underlined by the existence of online live casinos. They offer alternatives for players wanting to feel the true casino experience, but can’t actually be in a real casino.

Part of the charm felt while engaged in live gambling is given by the interaction with other players and dealers. We usually don’t acknowledge the importance dealers have when choosing a table to play at. Would you rather choose an attractive person to deal with cards or a machine? The online casino experience is enriched by being able to choose the dealer to play with, share a laugh, get a smile and have genuine human interaction.

The other aspect pertaining to the option a live casino NZ can offer takes into account the types of games available. For instance, online slots seem not to be the ideal material for live sessions. Having someone pull the lever on your behalf is not entertaining enough. The usual selection consists of live blackjack, poker, roulette and live baccarat.

However, even among these options, different styles of gameplay can be found. Venues offer alternatives suited for each player, as for instance, stud poker has different gameplay, strategies and thrills than the Caribbean stud, although they are both variations of the poker game.

Live Blackjack

The domain of online gambling has been revolutionized by introducing the opportunity to play live blackjack, whenever and from wherever the gambler desires. Depending on the number of requests, the live streaming sessions can supply any variation of the game: single-deck, European, Vegas strip, Blackjack switch, Atlantic City blackjack, Spanish 21, or Pontoon, just to name a couple.

There is also another issue besides convenience to play that the real live dealer solves. The fear of the game being rigged is taken care of, as the deck of cards is being handled live, right in front of your own eyes. So, no need to worry anymore if the random number generator functions properly, as your luck stands right in the hands of the dealer filmed at all times and permanently broadcasted during the game.

 Live Roulette

The roulette is also one of the most popular real money casino games and can also be played in any of its versions, European, American, French, even Multi-Ball roulette. An important advantage that many see when comparing it to the real casino version is the control over the environment. Some might like the turmoil of the crowd, but sometimes, especially when real money is at stake, wouldn’t you like to turn it all off so you can better concentrate at the game? These live dealer games allow gamblers to create all the comfort they need: pick their favourite seating and not worry about losing it, eat and drink at their own free will, control the background noise, the music, or the lighting.

Live Baccarat

The baccarat is among the casino games online that players request for in live sessions. The main benefit is the interaction with the dealer, as well as for other live games. Having the possibility to talk to a real person and receive responses in real time, makes casino gaming experience almost identical to that in large land-based casinos.

Live Casino Software

The best online live dealer casinos reached these top positions primarily because they use top- quality software from some of the most renowned gambling operators. As is usually the case, there are some who excel in a certain field, being focused on developing graphics and the quality of streaming, while others concentrate on being able to offer a larger variety of games. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most well-known casino software responsible for live online gambling:

  • The indisputable leader of the market, almost synonym with the concept of live casino games, is represented by Evolution Gaming. This corporation has dedicated its efforts to exceed expectations in this field and is now a level above competitors. While some can’t yet figure out a flawless broadcast, Evolution offers separate tables for VIP’s, gaming statistics throughout the entire game and even the opportunity to attend multiple tables at once.
  • Not being yet able to challenge the supremacy of Evolution Gaming for the seat of a best live dealer comes Playtech. This company focused on the selection of games, with a wide range of alternatives. Also, they have many dealers native in different languages.
  • Another popular live casino operator is NetEnt Live, a separate department of the NetEnt company, focused on this niche alone. They have a good quality of streaming and graphics and have even turned their attention on the mobile apps versions. Concerning the variety of games, they only have roulette and blackjack as their only two options.
  • Extreme Live Gaming is a software provider rapidly growing in notoriety, with a clear focus on the quality of visual effects and design. It also has an interesting range of live casino games, although, for the most part, they consist of different variations of roulette.

Apps & Mobile Online Live Casinos

As mentioned before, the age we live in is all about offering options via the use of technology. This is the reason why the expansion of mobile devices’ usage has reached this unbelievable rate. For instance, who wouldn’t rather play the games found in any casino New Zealand based, but instead of travelling to a specific location, doing so in the comfort of your own home?

The mobile live casino’s primarily trait is that it offers accessibility, gamblers being able to play from their smartphones or tablets, from anywhere, given they have a strong Internet connection. Besides this obvious feature, it’s also easy to enlist the live dealer casinos, from these devices. The easiest method to do so is by getting on any web browser, search the venue’s website and connect by the instant play option. For this to work, there usually isn’t any other software that needs to be downloaded. However, it’s mandatory that the operator’s software be compatible with the smartphone’s or tablet’s software. Usually, the popular live sessions are compatible with devices using Android and iOS as operating software. There are also some operators providing a solution for those using Windows and even less often, Blackberry.

The most user-friendly option regarding wagering in the upmost comfort imaginable is by downloading a casino app for those venues which developed such a tool. It can be found, free of charge most of the time, in the app stores, usually available for the same software, mainly Android and iOS.
A final disclaimer is needed: playing the live table games on mobile devices doesn’t distort in any way the quality of the graphics, or of the gameplay. The live sessions are adapted in such a manner to keep the visual features at the same high level as you’re accustomed to but seen on a smaller screen.

Live Casino Bonuses

There is a wide range of promotions that the Internet-based establishments use to attract new users on their websites. It has been proven that psychologically, whenever we here that a bonus is involved, it automatically makes it seem more appealing to us. In the case of casino bonuses, they really are appealing. Mainly, they consist of a sum of money given by the casino, to be enjoyed by gamblers, after fulfilling a series of requirements.

First, any gambling site has a welcome bonus, which mainly consists of matching the deposit made on the casino’s virtual account, with an amount of money in a percentage anywhere between 25 and 500%. This amount becomes ready to use after the rollover requirements are met, which means that a sum between 20 and 75 times the amount deposited must be wagered on live casino games.

Additionally to these, there are bonuses that aren’t directly related to depositing money. Gambling sites offer a small amount, usually no more than 20 dollars to play at the live tables, keeping the winning if similar wagering requirements are met. Also, mostly for roulette, free spins are awarded, meaning getting to play without risking your own funds and getting a shot at keeping the winnings.

Benefits of Live Dealer Casino

The first and most important benefit is, as stated before, the opportunity to access the best live online casinos, with a similar selection of games to their land-based counterparts, without having to leave your home. It’s almost the same gaming experience but adding extra comfort. Even more so by having the possibility to use a mobile version of the sites on most devices, smartphones or tablets.

The selection of online casino games is much more limited, not having the hundreds of titles of slot machines to count on. However, the lack of quantity is compensated by an increase in quality. The table games including live dealer are much more interactive than the above-mentioned slots, make it easy to learn for beginners and help you relate to other players from around the globe, perhaps creating a new network of friends.