Online Blackjack NZ

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world today and a lot of players love it because it’s a card game that isn’t too hard or complex to follow while still being entertaining and fun to engage. The game originated somewhere in Spain or France, it’s still unclear, and it was called veintiuna back in the day, which is Spanish for 21. The game underwent some changes once it came to the United States and since then, it’s been called Blackjack because the strongest hand you can get and instantly win is an ace of spades and a blackjack. The games popularity skyrocketed after it came to the US and after a little bit, it became extremely popular all around the world but it has a special place in New Zealand as those who play blackjack online and the entire blackjack NZ community love it.

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How to Play Blackjack Online?

To play blackjack online, you don’t have to be a very tech-savvy or someone who is a capable programmer in order to set up your PC and be able to play blackjack online. Basic knowledge of browsing through the internet should suffice as all you need to do is create an account on an online blackjack site and that is easily done in just a couple of minutes. All gambling sites are trying to make the signup process as simple as humanly possible because their goal is for everyone to be able to join up on their site and play on their blackjack casino. These games are especially popular in New Zealand as more and more New Zealand players are signing up blackjack gambling and are joining the blackjack NZ community.

Playing blackjack games isn’t just fun but a great opportunity to earn some extra money out of your hobby. We mentioned that the game is easy to learn and the main reason behind that is because it doesn’t have too many rules you need to memorize. Basically, all you have to know to start playing the game is that you’re playing against the dealer and the goal is to beat his hand. The best hand you can get in blackjack is 21 but it’s not the only way to win. Another way to win is by having a number lower than 21 but still higher than what the dealer has, for example, you have a 20 but the dealer has 19 or he went over 21.

There are some things everyone needs to check before signing up for an account on blackjack online NZ site and those are:

  • Safety – online gambling has been around for a while and the best gambling sites are putting a lot of effort into the safety of their site because they want their users to feel safe and secure when they play. Nobody wants their information stolen from them.
  • Reputation – an important part of checking for the best online blackjack casino site is the reputation a particular site has accumulated over the years. If the site isn’t the safest, there would be rumors and unsatisfied customers complaining and sharing their stories online.
  • Variety of games – the amount of games that the casino site offers is another thing that should matter in your decision because it speaks volumes of how good their software is and how prepared their platform is. If they have fewer games, it usually means that they can’t support too many players joining up and playing all the games they offer.
  • Bonuses – the best online blackjack site would strive to give the player an incentive to pick them among a lot of other sites and most sites do this by offering nice bonuses for players on their first sign up or first deposit.

What Are The Most Played Blackjack Casino Games?

There are a lot of variations of these popular card games and different people prefer different types but the most played ones are:

  • Classic – The dealer deals cards from the deck and both the player and the dealer get two cards. One card of the dealer is faced down, so the player doesn’t know what that card is while the player cards are showing. You can ask for another card if you’re aren’t close to 21 or you may stand your ground if you think the dealer will go over. You win the game if you get 21 or if your total value of cards is higher than what the dealer has. It’s usually played with 8 decks of cards.
  • Progressive – The rules here are the same as the classic one but there are more chances to get another card, double your bet, split your cards or stand but every round the player has to bet and extra fee.
  • Atlantic City – This variation is played with 8 decks of cards and in this game, the dealer is standing on 17 while being able to check the card that is faced downwards. The player, on the other hand, can split his pair of cards up to 3 times.
  • Double Exposure – This one is also played with 8 decks of cards and it’s the hardest blackjack variation to beat because the odds are stacked against the player. The first cards that are being dealt are face up and the dealer has to get another card if he gets 17.
  • Vegas Downtown – This variation is played with only two decks of cards and the dealer has to get another card if he’s on soft 17 but stands if he’s on hard 17. The only way the dealer can see his card that is facing down is if the card that faces up is an ace.
  • European – Another variation that uses only 2 decks of cards, but the difference here is that the player has both of his cards dealt facing up while the dealer has only one card face up and doesn’t get another card to face down till the player decides on his next move.

Live Blackjack Online

Sometimes, it can become a little boring playing game online by yourself and you’ll want to feel like you’re in the casino hall surrounded by other players and be able to communicate with the dealer. The thing is, this is also available in online casinos and you can get an even better gaming experience when you select live dealer online blackjack and start to play. Live blackjack casino games have been implemented in gambling sites all over the world because it’s proven to be much more entertaining and a lot of players prefer that version over the automated ones. Of course, it has its own advantages and disadvantages but in reality, it’s much better than just staring at the screen with the cards on the table. Players report having much more fun playing this type of live blackjack compared to the other automated ones. An advantage of this type of live game is that you’re able to see the dealer pull out the cards from the deck as well as interact with him or her whenever you like. One disadvantage would be that the dealer is a bit slower when dealing with the cards, so if you’re looking to play as quick as possible, you’re not going to like the live game mode.

Best Online Blackjack Bonuses

Online gambling sites offer all kinds of bonuses for players in order to give them a chance to play much longer and have a lot of fun when they gamble and there are a lot of different kinds of bonuses, but we are going to present to you the best ones you can go for.

Among the best bonuses you can encounter is the no deposit bonus, which is a bonus that you get without transferring any real money into your gaming account and it’s usually given only once when you first sign up on their site. Another bonus you can get is once you decide to deposit some funds into your account to gamble with it, the casino will often match your deposit using a bonus to get you started. After that, there are all kinds of special promotions, vouchers and coupons you may run into, which are a great way to extend and enrich your gambling account and they usually contain great surprises for the players.

Useful Online Blackjack Tips

Considering that you’ve come to a decision about which site to use and you’re satisfied with the bonuses you go on signing up, it’s a very good idea not to rush into playing for real money right away but instead hone your skills and play some free online blackjack. So playing blackjack online free before heading over to play for real money it’s a great idea to practice a bit on the free demo version for a couple of reason such as:

  • Getting used to the game you’re going to play is pretty important in our books, especially the interface and all the buttons you can press on the screen. Knowing what they all do is crucial for playing properly and not hitting anything by mistake.
  • Learning the rules of the particular blackjack game you picked to play is also important and depending on the variation, the rules are different so whenever you change from one to another, it’s a good idea to give a few rounds on the demo version before betting real cash.
  • Make sure you are betting smart and not spending all your money on the first go. A lot of new players are hoping they would get beginners luck and blow everything out on the first couple of hands.
  • Blackjack free games are a great place for blackjack players to practice their blackjack strategy and while there are a lot of strategies you can implement when playing, the best one anyone can give you is to keep calm and bet smart instead of going as your emotions are leading you.
  • The final one is to remember to have as much fun as possible because that’s what the game is all about and that’s when you’ll be getting the best gaming experience.