Live Blackjack NZ 

Have you ever wanted to play live Blackjack online, but you could not find a reliable place in New Zealand to enjoy the live blackjack games? Well, we have a solution for you as we have prepared a small Blackjack casino guide that can help you to find your favorite place! This article will reveal some of the basic information about playing live blackjack online! We will explain where you can play this game online, the advantages of the live blackjack, the variations as well as the best place to play this game! This game is highly popular among NZ players as it is simple to play, offers the different limits of bets and offers the fast-playing time!

flagBest NZ Casinos with Live Blackjack:

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5 $800 Play Now

Where to Play Live Blackjack Online?

If you are looking for the live dealer blackjack games, you can count on the several places that provide fantastic gambling experience to all NZ players! The NZ players see this game as a good way to make some additional money aside, as these games offer a good payout percentage to players, making it one of the most popular games among all! The live online blackjack is available in many places. However, we recommend you playing it only in the recognized and safe casinos that are popular and transparent, as you do not want to be a part of the unregulated casino.

The list that we made above is crafted after we have checked the gambling license, reputation, software providers and bonuses in this place. The starting point for checking the place where you plan to gamble is the operating license and if you fail to find one at the operator’s site, it means that the place is not regulated and you do not want to play there. The next thing is to check for the reputation. Each casino is listed on the web and you can always find some information that describes the overall work of the place, so check its name to see if it has any partnerships or collaborations with the recognized names. Once you check that, you need to check the software providers and bonus promotions, as the lack of recognized providers and generous bonus offers means that the place is not secure and you should avoid it.

Advantages of Live Dealer Blackjack

The blackjack live games are the best part of every live casino that is out there as the majority of players opt for this adventure! Instead of going to the casino suite where you can play this game, you can enjoy in the live dealer online blackjack game without going anywhere out of your house as it offers you everything you need! The second advantage is the different sizes of bets’ limits. The traditional suites limit you to playing at the several tables where the limits are pretty much the same, and if you are not a high roller, you may get disappointed. This is where the online version comes in – you can browse a variety of live tables before you decide to go with the one.

The live blackjack real money games also allow you to interact with the real dealer as the game is streamed live from a casino suite or specially designed studio. Unlike the standard online blackjack games, the live ones allow you to take a realistic chance of winning the dealer as no computer shuffles or deals cards. This adds more authenticity to the overall experience as well. Therefore, the live version offers everything you could get in the brick-and-mortar gambling club, with the difference that you are at home and you do not need to wear your suit to enter the lobby. Why should not you enjoy the pros of this way of gambling instead of dressing up and going to the local club?

Live Blackjack Games

If you consider to play live blackjack, do have in mind that there are many different versions that you can participate in and each version offers its unique advantages. One of the most played versions is 7-seat where 7 players can play at the same time but the rules are the same as in the classic game. It is the second-best version, next to the classic version. Every live blackjack casino offers this classic version but 7-seat takes the gambling to the whole new level as you are competing with the other players who are trying to beat you! Then, there is the common draw version where the rules are also the same but the main advantage is that you never wait for the free seat, as the system automatically transfers you to the free seat/table!

Blackjack live casino offers another type of this game and it is the Blackjack Party where you play with 8 decks of cards, where the dealer cannot hit on 17 but is allowed to double down on any 2 initial cards. While the rules are slightly changed, the overall principle remains the same as you need to beat the dealer before he gets to 21 or you go over 21 and lose automatically. Then, there is the famous VIP version! Here, the rules are the same as in the classic game, but there are maximum limits where low-stakes are not allowed at all. It is the best choice for all high-rollers and experienced players who do not like limits!

What is the Best Live Blackjack Casino?

All the New Zealand players want to enjoy safe and regulated gambling and therefore, they want to find the best place to play live blackjack games online! The casinos that we have listed above were tested carefully, following the procedure that we also described above, so all players can feel secure in choosing any of the mentioned operators, without any fear that someone would do harm to them! Therefore, you can feel free to play at any of the listed places. The online gambling offers a high level of comfort, reliability and safety and that is why New Zealanders like so much the online gambling industry! The perfect gaming experience does not come from the distinguished brands, but from the regulated, transparent and player-friendly operators that take great care of their clients!