Best Free Spins Bonuses NZ

Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction when emerging victorious after a long battle with luck and the reward consists of real money entering your pockets. Although, when knowing that you’ve won by taking advantage of any of the casino’s bonuses involving free spins offers a greater pleasure. After all, winning without risking any of your own money is hard to rival with, as far as gambling goes.

The free spins type of bonus is one of many exclusive offers that casinos use to promote their services and to convince new customers to cross their threshold. These bonuses are often included in the casino’s strategy, as business decisions. They are part of bonus packages, alongside a matching deposit bonus, or as a standalone promotion, usually being accessed through some bonus codes, which could be found on partner websites. More about the advantages of free spins casino, which make them so popular among NZ players, we’ll discuss in what follows.

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How Free Spins Work?

This bonus type consists of the opportunity to play casino games without betting any of your own money. To put it simpler, the potential winnings represent free money as no risk was taken by the players involved in the gambling activity. Usually, slot games with free spins are the concepts associated, although there are a couple of table games, as well, where this bonus can be played, such as roulette.

The bet implied by a free spin comes with a fixed, pre-established amount, as it was set by the casino operator. This amount is automatically placed as a bet, while the eventual winnings are sent directly into your virtual casino account.

The goal of this bonus is to attract new players and keep the existing ones satisfied. So, even if the players receive them as part of a bonus package or independent of other promotions, as free spins, no deposit NZ gamblers favor being rewarded through this manner.

 Sign Up Free Spin Bonuses

Among the multitude of online pokies reviews we’ve gone through, we’ve only found two distinct signup bonuses that had a free spins component.

First, there is the classic welcome bonus package, which consists of the usual matching deposit offers and stringing along with some free spins. These are normally focused on a certain slot machine, the player not having the liberty to choose from the vast games selection.

The other alternative of free spins on sign up we have come across focuses completely on the free spins bonus. It’s a somewhat new idea and it’s based on giving the customer a high number of free spins, somewhere around 100-150 or even more, to use at any of the casino’s slots, but limiting his time at only 60 minutes, in which the wagering requirements need to be met, in order to keep the winnings. This comes as an extra adrenaline rush and it conveys a whole new meaning to the concept of time management.

Get Online Casino Free Spins to Try New Games

There is another particular reason why any NZ online casino chooses to implement in their casino offers a bonus relying on giving away free money for gamblers to try and win important prizes. Whenever the game selection of a casino gets refreshed with new titles from a certain software provider, these games need a little boost in promotion. In other words, the no deposit free spins NZ bonuses are used as marketing tools, aiding in applying the casino’s business strategy.

Besides directly handing out these free spins with the condition to use them at the specified slot, casinos also use partner websites in promoting  their venue and the affiliated games. These websites issue bonus codes that can be used to receive free spins, after which the same workflow is available, as with any other similar bonus.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of No Deposit Bonuses

The no deposit bonuses as a general section and the free spins category, in particular, have some obvious perks, but some less pleasant features, as well. Starting with the pros:

  • Any welcome package which has more than one feature included looks even more attractive to new players. Combining two of the most sought-after bonuses is a powerful tool. The matching deposit bonus takes care of high rollers and is responsible for the high values and large additional amounts, while the free spins come to balance the offer and can be equally enjoyed by small-budget gamblers, as well as by big spenders. After all, nobody refuses free money, no matter how big their budget is.
  • The main attraction of free spins no deposit casinos is just that: the opportunity to play using the casino’s money, zero risks on the gambler’s behalf while bagging home all the potential winnings. The most famous example of how someone taking advantage of this option has managed to become a millionaire, precisely out of thin air, refers to a student playing at a Microgaming casino, using free spins for the Mega Moolah slot and winning no less than 14 million dollars, give or take.

On the downside, there are several aspects that regular gamblers keep complaining about:

  • The terms and conditions most often impose restrictions and limitations that aren’t obvious at first glance when reading about the bonus.
  • The wagering requirements are the most often mentioned issue that players have with the free spins bonus, and we’ve dedicated a whole chapter to this subject.
  • The limitations to withdraw your winnings also constitute a minus. There are many casinos that put a limit on how much they’re willing to give away for free, in the case of players who are winning large amounts.

What Are Mobile Free Spins?

New Zealand players have an inclination towards embracing the latest technological advancements. The moment when gambling sites had the idea to take the games to the customers, insisting on the easy-access feature that playing on mobile devices offered, meant a real breakthrough in the New Zealand virtual betting market, as well as all around the world. As we speak, there aren’t many respectable NZ online casinos that have cast aside the mobile gambling concept as being useless and non-profitable. They’re actually quite on the opposite side of the table, investing impressive energy and resources into developing the mobile platforms, be it through instant play, or by creating compatible apps.

The free spins NZ bonus has followed this path and the predictable result was the appearance of the concept of mobile free spins. Ensuring that players, which prefer to access via mobile devices and opt for this type of bonus, can use the option, which has meant a lot of effort on the software provider’s behalf. But however, valiant their efforts were, they still couldn’t pull off miracles and as such, there are numerous slots that aren’t available on the mobile version of the play. This actually becomes a downside of playing casino games on mobile devices, as it imposes some limitations regarding the slots on which the free spins bonus can be exercised, seeing how not all slots in the desktop version are compatible with mobile devices yet.

Wagering Requirements

Any casino review we’ve encountered so far has at least a couple of words criticizing the need for the amount offered as a bonus to be rolled over and over in consecutive bets before the sum can be reclaimed by the player. These are known throughout the industry as wagering requirements and are despised by all gamblers alike. They were initially introduced at the same time with the signup bonus, being a crucial part of the whole concept. After all, no business is willing to part with important sums of real money without getting something in return. By creating this system, casinos make sure that gamblers are not just passing through their casino, collecting bonuses, but are prepared to spend a while trying to get their hands on the additional amounts.

For the bonus consisting of free spins casino operators have set in place a similar restrictive system, consisting of wagering requirements. This usually works a bit different, given that the bonus is not a fixed amount to place wagers as a gambler pleases, but rather a pre-established bet value. Therefore, the wagering requirements apply to the winnings and not to the bonus amount, as is the case with matching deposits. This being the situation, the wagering requirements are usually higher, being able to reach an average closer to 60 times rollover ratio.

Join Today Online Casino With Free Spins!

The only possible way to get your hands on the exclusive offers that virtual casinos are willing to hand out to their customers is by joining these casinos and start playing. If the free spins bonus is something that incited your interest, there are numerous online pokies free spins no deposit, which would like to welcome you with open arms to try out their gaming selection. And it’s not the sign up free spins casinos worthy to be visited, as this is a broad category and free spins can be found in various sections of the virtual casinos: weekly bonuses, loyalty and VIP programs, or celebrating special Holidays, to name just a few.