Best Online Casino Sign up Bonus

Putting the foundation of an online casino seems like a rather easy task these days, with a large number of gambling games software providers that are more than willing to start a collaborative relationship with many businesses. This manages to increase competition in the online gambling industry. Having fierce rivals to fight over the same limited customer base means that an important part of the marketing strategy consists of online casino offers, which are bound to attract new business.

Among the top casino bonuses in New Zealand are the welcome promotions. It seems that there isn’t any virtual gambling venue that doesn’t use this tool for the purpose of better promoting their business. This is, without a doubt, the most used one out of all the bonuses NZ casinos hand out to their customers.

flagBest Casino Sign Up Offers

CasinoBonusPlayRatingFeaturesPayment Methods
1 $1000 Play Now
2 NZ$1600 Play Now
3 NZ$750 Play Now
4 NZ$1200 Play Now
5 $800 Play Now
6 $700 Play Now
7 $600 Play Now
8 $1500 Play Now
9 NZ$500 Play Now
10 NZ$300 Play Now

What Are Casino Welcome Bonuses?

The main downside that the online casino sites are facing in attracting numerous part of gambling enthusiasts is the customers’ prejudice that they aren’t going to feel the same casino experience that land-based venues can provide. In an attempt to compensate for this issue, the casino operators have shifted their energy and focus towards other aspects that they can enlist as a plus that their physical counterparts can’t offer. And one of the key points to which they found out that New Zealand players are sensible at, is the existence of exclusive offers, meant only for gambling in the virtual space. Thus, the first step was to convince clients to enlist on online platforms. The casino sign up deals have proven to be the most effective strategy that operators set into place, with the better part of new-comers being excited about this bonus. This specific promotion, coupled with a loyalty program just as productive, paves the way to becoming a profitable online casino.

Any casino review mentions the sign-up bonus and a definition of the concept, based on all the reviews we’ve searched through, can go like this: the incentive that encourages players to register at a certain casino and then receive some sort of prize, usually dependent on the deposit amount placed in the casino’s virtual account. If a client is simply enlisting on an online casino, this doesn’t really count as being eligible for the welcome bonus. In order for a customer to get the extra amounts supplied as a bonus, he needs, besides providing the casino with all the personal and financial information required, to create a deposit of his own money. This is just to prove the casino that he’s willing to spend some time and wager some money on the casino games.

Types of Casino Welcome Bonus

There are many classifications of these casino promotions, all of them trying to help customers establish the best first deposit bonus casino.

The first difference can be made between the cashable and non-cashable bonuses. This is as straightforward as it gets:

  • The cashable bonuses refer to the extra amounts awarded, which can be kept after the conditions have been met.
  • The non-cashable bonuses are focusing solely on the amounts coming from the winnings. The money resulted from gambling the bonus can be kept, with the same amendment that certain conditions must be respected, but the initial sum that the promotion refers to is not for the gambler to keep.

The usual rating is the one which differentiates between the practical, monetary perks that the sign-up bonuses give out to players:

  • Matching deposit bonus. This is considered to be the best casino welcome bonus and many gambling software operators make use of it. It basically means that the online casino doubles the first deposit created by a new user on the venue’s website. It’s also known as the 100% bonus offer or the double-the-bonus sign-up promotion. It can function as a cashable bonus or not. The workflow to receive the additional amount to use for wagering is pretty simple, as after claiming the bonus, the specified amount is credited into the virtual account created on the site and instantly available for use.
  • An alternative to the matching deposit bonus is those promos that are moving further along and give out more than double the original deposit. We’ve seen bonuses offered anywhere between 150% and even 500%. Generally speaking, these bonuses have additional requirements in terms of the maximum amount allowed to be won and withdrawn. The complete offer speaks of a high percentage, but no more than a clearly specified amount. For instance, claiming a 200% bonus, capped at $100, means that for an original deposit of $60, the added amount would be of only $100, instead of $120 as the multiplier would initially lead gamblers to believe.
  • Except for the matching bonus, a completely different type consists of awarding free spins. There is a multitude of ways of how free spins can be used. They usually go for slot machines and often enough, casinos even appoint the precise slots where the free spins can be used. As an alternative of this bonus, some casinos give out a high number of free spins, 200 for instance, but set a low time frame for the gamblers to complete the wagering requirements, the often value being of 60 or 120 minutes.
  • Some of the most generous casinos, usually the new entries in the industry, combine the two types into a sign-up bonus package, which includes a matching deposit bonus, alongside some free spins.

One of the more often found classification mentions a distinction between sign-up bonuses, which can be claimed directly on the casino’s website and promotions, which are only available when accessing the casino using a link from any of the partner websites. They hand out some casino bonus codes and the promotion can only be claimed if using them.

 How to Choose Best Casino Sign up Offers?

There are a few tips and tricks that we’ve found useful in our experience of finding the best sign up offers casino. They are some common sense actions, which don’t take up much time and are highly effective:

  • The first filter that needs to be applied in order to reduce the number of venues that a gambler must look at is creating a shortlist of recommended casinos, either by other users or by specialized websites with the main object of activity in reviewing online casinos.
  • Reduce even more the selected games by analyzing the type of bonuses awarded, the extra amounts put at disposal and the necessary conditions to be met for actually claiming them. It’s not always that the best deal at first glance remains a favored option after more intense scrutiny.
  • Examining the way the casino operator positions itself in relation to the privacy policy, reveals a lot about the seriousness with which it treats its promises of keeping the personal information safe. Also, its stance on responsible gambling says plenty on how far it’s willing to go for profit. By extrapolating, both these create an idea on how the operator feels about coming through with the bonus-based winnings, according to its promises.
  • Check out the restrictions pertaining the possibilities to withdraw the bonus. We’re thinking about capped winnings, restricted withdrawals for both minimum and maximum amounts, limited payment methods for actually cashing out, or imposing a distant withdrawal period.
  • An advice coming from our experience is to also prioritize the mobile casinos, which beyond the known advantages of accessibility, reveal another important aspect: they keep in line with the latest trends and are interested in offering their clients the newest and most advantageous option. An idea that is replicated when it comes to the sign-up bonus offered to their customers.

Benefits of Casino Deposit Bonuses

The number one advantage is the most obvious one: getting extra money means more chances to win the big jackpot, which is destined to change your life around. If not that, considering the wagering requirements are not the most pleasant task to complete, at least it means getting more playing time and an exciting pastime. The best welcome bonus casino is focused on checking both advantages, being genuinely interested in the well-being of its customers, as more money and more satisfaction they receive, the more they’ll continue to bet at the casino which offers it.

As mentioned in earlier paragraphs, this is a very important marketing tool that gambling sites have found to be efficient when trying to create a database of loyal clients. The first step is indeed to get gamblers to join your community, but the matching deposit bonus, for instance, ensures that they are also going to keep playing for a little while. This is due to the wagering requirements which have to be met, for the bonus to become real money.

Wagering Requirements

This is the most controversial part of any online casino bonus and the most despised by gambling enthusiasts. The wagering requirements refers to the number of times that the given bonus amount should be placed as separate bets, before transforming the bonus into real money in the gambler’s personal account. For players, the online casino best welcome bonus is the one which asks for the lowest play through ratio, while casino operators feel the other way around. The wagering requirement is contained somewhere between 20 and 70 times the specified amount.

Usually, not all casino games have the same weight when calculating their contribution to completing the wagering requirements. For example, slot machines carry out the greatest share, contributing in proportion of 100%, while table games, live casinos and other options can fall as down as not contributing at all.

Closely related to the conditions which need to be checked before cashing out bonus winnings are the withdrawal limits. We’ve briefly mentioned them before. The majority of casinos has imposed upper limits to the money available for cashing out. They set a minimum deposit necessary to apply for the welcome bonus. Also be aware of the fact that some payment methods aren’t eligible for the welcome bonus, as mentioned in the casino’s terms and conditions.

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There’s no moment like the present moment and for those who are ready to start gambling, finding a suitable place to do this is job number one. If you need further motivation, there are plenty casino bonuses NZ gamblers are privileged enough to have at their disposal. These come after the mandatory background check of security, game selection and payment methods. If all of these do check out, then choose one of the sign up bonus casinos and start enjoying the excitement brought along by all those extra chances to win big.