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This article is not a casino review focused on a specific virtual venue, but it’s designed to treat from a general point of view, the way that bonus offers are treated in the New Zealand booming gambling industry.

There is a clearly defined market for casino bonuses in New Zealand, with a specific niche of customers, which are particularly searching for this type of advantage when looking at an online casino to gamble at. In different polls that gambling software providers have taken in order to better improve the services, they offer, according to the clients’ options, ensuring a top-quality bonus system always came in the top three rankings, usually alongside the site’s security and the preference for a vast game selection.

Also, one of the main options that NZ gamblers love to find in the bonus package put at their disposal consists of a large number of free spins offers. Casinos that offer 50 free spins are right upon that alley and this can best be observed in the number of users playing their games.

flagBest 50 Free Spins Casinos

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2 $5000+50FS Play Now
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4 NZ$1600 Play Now
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6 NZ$500 Play Now

What Are Free Spins Bonuses?

When talking about 50 free spins no deposit casino, we’re describing a great offer, which consists of a rather high number of attempts at winning important jackpot amounts, by playing some rounds without placing any bets using the gambler’s personal money. These are the main features that these exclusive offers carry out for gambling enthusiasts.

After claiming the 50 no deposit bonus spins, they can be immediately used for playing slots, each of the spins consisting in a predetermined amount of money, to be wagered on a single round. The fixed sum is not a consistent amount, something that New Zealand players would fret upon, but for those sorts of gamblers, there are other types of bonuses. The free spins NZ option usually goes for somewhere between 0.10 and 0.50 dollars for each round. The main attraction is that, despite the small value bet, these are money handed out for free, while the winnings resulting in this bonus go in the gambler’s possession. Simpler put, all the perks with zero effort.

Used as a powerful and effective means to attract new players, they are often found as an active component in the welcome package that almost all online venues offer to the newcomers. Apart from this use, the 50 free spins no deposit needed, can be part of the casino’s strategy and can be used at:

  • A single slot, usually the one that the casino wants to bring out of the shadows and under the customers’ eyes, or the new entry titles, for promoting them properly.
  • A single software provider, but to a larger array of games from its selection.
  • Playing all games from the casino’s list of available titles.

Benefits of 50 Free Spins Casino Bonuses

The greatest advantage that the existence of the bonus consisting of 50 free spins no deposit required, brings along is obvious from its very name:

  • the spins are free of charge,
  • there isn’t a preexistent condition that constrains gamblers to deposit any money,
  • there are 50 of them, a high enough number to feel the excitement of a couple of games that the players wish to experiment on before running out of spins.

The free spins are opposed to the deposit offers where there are awarded additional amounts with the purpose of being used for gambling, but finally, the player still risks a part of his own personal finances. In this case, we’re talking about actual free money, no one charging anything to the client’s account. Both situations focus on an outcome that can be translated as winning real money, but the one where there are amounts that can be won risk-free seems like the healthier alternative.

Also, an important distinction can be made between free spins and extra spins. The latter category comes as a result of depositing some money at a certain point, while the free ones can occur regardless of how much money enters the gambler’s casino account, as loyalty bonuses, periodical promotions, or during special celebrations.

Wagering Requirements

The real challenge comes when trying to withdraw your winnings, as there are some terms and conditions that each player claiming a bonus must go through before exerting the cash out option. The main test is known as the wagering requirement and it means that the won amount during the free spins must be replayed at the same casino, for a high number of times, in order to become eligible for cashing out.

The gambling sites have the power to impose any restrictions they deem necessary, as long as anything pertaining to the won amounts, workflow and gameplay is clearly stated in the section of terms and conditions. By giving the accord for continuing with the operations, the casino operator can’t be held responsible for any aspect pertaining to the mentioned terms specified. The fact that there still remain some clarifications to be made regarding wagering requirements don’t fall in the casino’s duty.

An exemplification of how the concept of wagering requirements work could be: at a rollover ratio of 60 times the amount, with a won sum of 100 dollars, this means that a total of 6000 dollars must be betted, for the bonus amount to be withdrawn.

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The conclusion to be taken from what we’ve said here is that any NZ online casino searches continuously for innovative ways of becoming more attractive for the new gamblers who enter the gambling market, as well as for those older enthusiasts that search for a better offer. Giving out 50 free spins is always a deal that most New Zealand gamblers are going to look at with interest. After all, everyone, regardless of how poor or rich they are, does not refuse money for free, especially when they come with the possibility of winning even more, still free of charge.